Warmly packed and secured on trailers we now wish all boats and darlings a good time in winter storage and their owners a cuddly season with warm thoughts on sunny days on the waters around Rügen. We hope that all guests who visited us in the 2022 season enjoyed it and were satisfied with our service and look forward to seeing you again next year.
 Until then Ahoy 
Your Harbour Master 
Thomas Schälke
Enough Draught

Sellin Harbour

Sellin harbour was built as a waterway resting place in 2018 and offers a total of 365 metres jetty. Up to 80 boats of different sizes can moor there for up to three weeks. The service includes a sanitary building with showers and toilets, electricity and fresh water at the jetty, a 25 metre slipway and there is also a harbour master. To facilitate the accessibility of Sellin harbour, the fairway was dredged to a depth of 2 metres and a width of 20 metres.

Visitors enjoy all the amenities of the traditional seaside resort within a few minutes walking distance from the harbour. They may also explore the island of Ruegen or the Moenchgut peninsula by bus.

Nature experience and beach life

Because Sellin harbour is located in the middle of Biosphere Reserve Southeast Ruegen and borders on a nature reserve, guests of the waterway resting place are in good company. Wild birds like mute swan and gadwall, rail birds, common shelduck and lapwings feel at ease here. Visiting Sellin harbour by ship, one may experience the full monty of Ruegen isle. Nature experience and seaside atmosphere, restaurants, shopping and events are the perfect answer to sailing trips, kayaking tours and trips by motorboat.

Take off with the excursion ship

If you cannot bring your own boat to Sellin harbour, just board the excursion boat and take off! The passenger ship “MS Sellin” has got its own jetty in the Sellin harbour and takes off towards Selliner lake and to the nearby seaside resort of Baabe and to Lauterbach. There are also maritime events taking place at the harbour. Then, seadogs and landlubbers meet to party and admire the sun setting into the lake.

DeAlbertha JanHuygen Hafen Sellin

Explore the Baltic Sea

The typical inland lake scenery belongs to Sellin, as the legendary pier on its Baltic Sea beach. Spa architecture, beach life and spa vacation find its perfect match with Sellin harbour. Water activists just moor their boat and stroll up the magnificent Wilhelmstrasse. The whistling of the waterfowl wakes them up in in the morning and after a fresh shower: here we go! To the beach, on a shopping spree in the Baltic Seaside resort or to the cozy-sparkling and adventurous water park.

Harbour between Bodden and Baltic Sea

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